Dan - Left, Joe - Right: Checked Shirt Tastic!            Photo by Hannah Beatrice

The story so far:

The Moss Cider Project started after Moss Side resident, Dan Hasler, looked at the former Stagecoach bus depot site on Bowes Street and thought... 

...“Hmmm, it’d be great to see an orchard on that site.”

It was only then that thoughts went to making a local cider. Then came the realisation that...

...“Hold on a minute, we’d be making cider, in Moss Side.”

So Moss Cider was born. Rather than waiting for the site to come down, Dan thought...

...“Well, Manchester is my orchard.”

Enquiries were made and soon apples were being offered from right across the city. A small 20 litre cider press and apple crusher were purchased and one sunny September Saturday in 2010 a group gathered in an alley, off Broadfield Road, in Moss Side. They made the first juice in the shade of an apple tree with an abundant crop of giant apples.

So, in year one, the group made about 100 litres of cider and juice, all of which was enjoyed by the makers and local residents. Plus a lucky few who came to the project’s first cheese & cider night.

To see what happened go to: vimeo.com/24315392 in 2011 the story continued:

During the events of 2010 Dan met a like-minded cider-lover who had already done great, green-fingered things in the Northern Quarter, manchester. His name is Joe.

He and his family brought bucket loads of apples to a juicing event at Hulme Garden Centre, after which Dan & Joe met over a glass (or two) of cider and decided a partnership could mean great things for the project. The best part of Joe coming on board was that we got our hands on a Voran industrial apple press...

...We called it “The Beast”.

Then, with a helping hand from our friends at Firmstart, we had somewhere to make the 2011 batch so the search began for more apples.

Surprise phone calls from the local paper, itv and the BBC meant we got a whole heap of exposure,

However, we weren’t quite ready for the flood of apples that came our way.

The phrase “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”...

...Was regularly used on our weekend juicing sessions.

So, after many evenings down at the cider house, we’re proud to finally release this year’s batch.

So that’s the story

And if you were one of the many apple donors or volunteers that helped to make it then we have you to thank.

We hope you’ll spread the word and come back with even more apples for us in 2014 so we can make even more Mancunian to the “core”, Moss Cider.

 The First Pressing: Nothing beats the community coming together like this!      CREDIT:  Hannah Beatrice

The First Pressing: Nothing beats the community coming together like this!      CREDIT: Hannah Beatrice