Moss Cider is not a full time job (we wish it was!), it's a seasonal activity that we fit around our family lives. We try to open the cider house once a week from September onwards. Please do not request to donate fruit outside these hours. If you are unable to make a specific event we highly recommend leaving your apples on your tree until the next drop-off date or find a family member or friend who can drop on your behalf. Please remember we cannot process rotten or mouldy fruit. We prefer to press freshly picked, ripe apples but understand that due to weather and time,  you may need to store your apples for a day or two before dropping off with us. If storing apples we kindly ask you to check your donation before dropping off for any fruit thats going off. 
NEW DONORS: Please read the first section of our FAQs page HERE.
The first section outlines how we operate and what you get back then the rest answer most queries.