Join us at Hulme Community Garden Centre for a morning or afternoon session of heritage apple grafting with local expert Sam Bolton (National Trust/Grafting For Orchards) and Dan from The Moss Cider Project.

You'll learn the not-so-dark art of taking a scion (a short cutting from a fruit tree that is from the previous years growth) and splicing (grafting) on to a rootstock (drawfing - so your tree wont grow too big).

For your ticket price you'll walk away with 2 trees. To put that into perspective you'd pay between £25-£30 for a 2-3 year old heritage apple tree.

All supplies, tools and equipment will be provided for you.

If you've been through Helping Britain Blossom's 'Orchard Leader Training' this winter your place is fully subsidised. Please enter your name, email and the orchard leader training date you attended.