We can’t quite believe it but after 5 years and for the first time ever we’ve reached our goal of producing 7000 litres of cider from 100% donated apples. DON'T PANIC! It doesn't mean the juicing stops entirely... read on. 

We’ve counted up and weighed in last weekends drop offs and that will see us fill our last 1000 litre IBC container. After this we simply cannot continue to make any more cider or we'll be subject to a hefty HMRC tax bill. For this weekend at least (Sunday 18th Oct) it means we’ll be unable to process your fruit if you bring it to us. We will continue to make apple juice in the coming weeks but as our pasteuriser has it’s limits we may also need to limit the number of donors we can process fruit for. Or limit the amount you can bring to us. Keep an eye on our website for more information. 

There is some good news, we’d hate to see your crop go to waste as I’m sure you would too. So we’ve contacted local cider making friends in Cheshire and Yorkshire who will come and collect any surplus from us this weekend. It does mean that you won’t get anything back from us but I’m sure you’d be glad to know your fruit still has a good home. 

We also hear that Dunham Massey Apple Juice will take apples in. They may not be as generous as we are in what you get back but have a chat with the team there and I'm sure they'll turn your fruit into equally tasty juice. Give Chris Hewitt a call on 07889 177 334 who can tell you more. 

We apologies for the late notice in reporting this but this season has taken us by surprise. Your trees have had an exceptional year and word of our project has obviously spread. At present we plan on doing a juicing on Sunday 1st of November which will all get turned to apple juice. So if you think your tree will hold its fruit until then please don’t pick it yet. Failing that you’ll need to store your fruit until then. Details of how best to do that are in our FAQs HERE.

So for those that have already donated your apples are now safely fermenting away, turning to yummy, scummy cider. For those that can wait we hope you’ll come back in a few weeks and help us make as much apple juice as we can while the apples are still out there.

Yours sin-cider-ly.

Dan & Joe.

P.S. We cannot thank the volunteers who have pitched in to help us get here enough. Many have put in extra hours and worked their socks off. But with the incentive of walking away with a few bottles of the good stuff we're not surprised. Roll on juice making from November 1st and then... it's bottling time.