We are "parking" The Moss Cider Project for the 2019 pressing season. The main reason for this is because we will be operating again from our base at Furness Vale, in the High Peak.

As such, in September we will be changing our name to High Peak Cider to reflect where the cider is being made but we will also be making some further changes to the way we operate.

As the project has grown, we have attracted apple donors and volunteers from far and wide. We now want to look at what we do more critically. Through the principles of localism and environmental concern, we are encouraging people who live further than 15km away from our unit to try and find other local fruit groups or individuals that might be able to press or benefit from your excess fruit. 

If you are struggling to find any solutions, please contact us and we will see if we can help find some local resources close to you.

However, if you are really stuck, and would still like us to process your fruit, we will be happy to do this at a commercial rate, where we will convert all of your crop into your own juice or cider*. We will also donate a portion of the fee we receive for this to organisations that are helping to fight Climate Breakdown.

Here's what you might need to know...

1. We are limiting our give back offer to donors with trees within 15km of our cider unit. (4kg of apples = 500ml of cider/juice in return)

2. If you are outside of this radius, we are happy to process your fruit at a commercial rate. Payment will be taken when you drop your fruit with us*.

3. To avoid being inundated with fruit, we need all fruit donors to pre-register their drop off date(s). This will allow us to manage our workflow much better. Please email highpeakcider@gmail.com if you want to book a fruit drop off slot, volunteer, or if you just have any further queries.

4. The initial drop off dates are as follows...

Sunday 8th September, 9am - 12pm
Sunday 22nd September, 9am - 12pm
Sunday 6th October, 9am - 12pm
Sunday 20th October, 9am -12pm
Sunday 3rd November, 9am - 12pm

5. Volunteers are still very welcome to come along and get stuck in. You will be rewarded in kind, for your effort and time! (We are only located 500m away from Furness Vale station, which is on the Buxton to Manchester Piccadilly line). Fruit drop off sessions will run from 9am - 12pm and pressing sessions will run from 1pm - 6pm.

Lastly, the changes for this season are probably going to affect a lot of donors that have been with us from the start, in one way or another. We are making the changes to become more sustainable and hopefully you can understand this.

We'll continue to look and see if it is viable to resurrect The Moss Cider Project for next season. 



The Moss Cider Project / High Peak Cider

*terms and conditions will apply - but send us an email with your details and we will be as flexible as we can be : )