Things in the cider house can get a little cramped and it's definitely not the best place to get your head down into a bunch of admin jobs. Working from home is an option but with one little apple running around and another one garnering for attention I do my best to escape when I can. I recently frequented a few local pubs and coffee shops for getting a few bits done. But one can only stuff one's face for so long with skinny muffins and decaf tea (I've quit multiple vices for a while) before there's that looming sense that the friendly barista who served you is burning eyes in the back of your MacBook. Just waiting for you to get up and move along.

Things needed to change and that's when I discovered The Pod. A new little enterprise hub in Moss Side right on the Parkway. It's got just the right kind of atmosphere for a little GTD action. Its hot desking and office space rates are very appealing to a small start up like ours and I encourage others who have used corporate coffee house as their go-to haunt to give it a try. Bring your own tea bags if you're on a fast like mine. But more than once I was offered a brew. So maybe pack a skinny muffin or two.

It'll serve as our base for when we need deal with the mass of admin and using my day-job skills as a graphic designer. I'll be keeping tabs on all our donors, all 154 of them, during our hot-desking sessions. I'm currently prepping to send everyone a copy of their donation details along with information on the upcoming Moss Side Market. Yup, you read that right folks you'll soon be able to purchase Moss Cider at our monthly market stall. Interested stall holders had better we quick with registering interest as there's an open event at the Pod tomorrow (26th Feb) for anyone looking to take on a stall. With the bonus that any stall holder at the first event on the 5th April is free of charge! So expect us to be there selling this year's batch, maybe some hot 'Muled' cider and who knows what else, see you there! 

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